I believe strongly that technology offers Mums a great opportunity to retrain into new careers.  Digital marketing in particular offers a huge number of opportunities because it is very easy to work remotely and is highly accountable.  Here are some ideas of the kind of digital marketing jobs that people will pay you good money for:

  1. Social Media Manager – if you have experience in a client servicing role such as an ad agency, pr agency then Digital Mums specialise in retraining Mums into social media managers.  You need to be interested in social media, have an analytical mind and I would suggest open (if not already) to communicating online.  I did this course myself and the structure of it is fantastic, the course has been built with the hectic life of Mums at the forefront and the team continue to innovate and develop to make the course best in class.  If you don’t have any client management experience then they offer a Community Manager course with the option to carry on into the Strategic course once completed.  There are lots of opportunities to offer more niche services within social media, for example Emma Van Heusen offers a fantastic service focusing specifically on Facebook Ads.  You can take a look at her work with me page to see the kind of rates she’s able to charge.

    Digital Mums Work That Works

    Well, if you’re a Digital Mum you’ve got to love a hashtag!

  2. Web Developer – good web developers are in high demand, and there are now a multitude of companies that offer the chance to retrain.  There are two I would like to mention specifically; firstly, Mums in Tech.  Just like Digital Mums, Mums in Tech are geared at specifically for Mums and will even offer on site childcare where possible.  Most of the courses are in London but look out for other locations coming your way.  If getting to one of these courses is impossible for you then why not retrain with Treehouse?  Again, I trained with Treehouse for a while and found the course very accessible and affordable.  I would say that if you are training at home you have to be really disciplined about setting aside the time to train as otherwise, especially with little ones running around, you will just end up never getting the hours in.  If you can do this thought then Treehouse offers a very comprehensive training plan and a great support team to help guide you through which course you should be considering.
  3. Copywriting – if you see yourself more as a wordsmith than a techy then why not consider copywriting as a career change.  Copywriting is incredibly competitive BUT as more and more websites get built more and more companies and freelancers need excellent copy to help sell their services.  Copy isn’t just about descriptions on web pages though, in a digital age copywriting for SEO is a skill in itself.  You need to write balanced copy which is optimised for keywords but isn’t keyword stuffed, websites need regular updates (normally in the form of blogs) which provide interesting and relevant information for their customers, meta descriptions need writing and script for videos needs to be created, oh and don’t forget to write copy for your YouTube video descriptions…and the list goes on.
  4. Video Editor – did you know that by 2020 it is predicted that 70% of all content on the internet will be video?  Obviously it’s easier than ever to get your phone out and film decent video to promote your business but the difference between average and great content is the quality of the edit afterwards.  Good quality editing packages range from free to £££ (I use Filmora which I find to be a good middle offering) and you can teach yourself using a range of techniques via YouTube (of course).  I highly recommend Cat Davies’ video tutorials, they are free (for now!) and you get to be part of an amazing online community along the way to showcase and share learnings on your work with.
  5. Content Creator – there’s a saying that Content is King, and a follow up that I quite like that marketing is the Queen behind the scenes pulling the strings to get everything done.  As I’ve already mentioned websites need constantly updated content that is interesting for their customers in order to help with their SEO.  Content can mean anything from text based blogs to infographics to videos to photos.  As a content generator, you can work with a business to a brief to generate varied content that is appealing to their target audience.  So if you have a skillset that covers copywriting and video and graphic design then this could be a great one for you.

All of these roles offer great opportunities to work flexibly around the kids when they are small, whilst also providing a future proof career which means you could reenter the salaried workforce later if you chose to do so.

Do you have another job which works brilliantly around little people?  Let me know here and I’ll add them to my list!