IMG_1039So I know I am not alone in being a stationary nut, many of my friends get that flutter of excitement brought on by a reminiscent feeling of shopping for school supplies in WHSmith every September.  The pinnacle of this for me is the hunt for the perfect diary, which until recently had proved elusive.  Well, I believe my search has ended and I am happy to share my joy with you in finding Action Day diaries…here’s what I love about them:

  1. They come in a range of colours, not just bruise old black and blue.  It’s not just that I like a bright but I need to be able to find it easily in my bag…right?
  2. The little pep talk type intro at the start – which gives you an insight not into just why the layout is as it is but also some motivational exercises to keep you focused
  3. The layout itself – so you have the week laid out for your appts.  Then a separate section which is a list of other ‘to do’s’.  Then, and this is where it starts to get interesting, two further sections; projects for you that week and projects you’ve delegated.  This helps to make sure you are having an overview of your week from multiple angles all whilst scanning over two pages of A5…genius.

When you’re juggling, school activities, client calls, nursery days and meal planning (to name but a few) this little gem helps plan it all.  I am an Action Day convert!

So what do you think?  Will you rush out and buy one or are you happy with your diary / planner…or does your search continue?