This post is not going to be what I thought it would be.  I went to meet Danielle in two minds about Multi Level Marketing (MLM).  I thought it would be a case of there’s good and bad and here’s the advice for what to look out for.

I’d had my own experience and knew it wasn’t right for me but maybe it worked for some people, I just had never met anyone who had.  There’s no doubt those people do exist, the ones making lots of money but they are right at the top of the pyramid…yes I said pyramid.

I left the meeting with Danielle, really surprised at quite how many people had been in touch with her and the team who run the Timeless Vie web page and the stories they had told.  I then went on to watch the Netflix film Betting on Zero.  I mention in the film that I’d already seen the John Oliver segment on MLM.  Quite soon the uncomfortable reality became all too clear.

It’s difficult though, I have two friends who sell Usbourne books, other people that I’ve bought Younique from before.  I don’t want them or anyone to feel like I am attacking them and their choice, but I also cannot turn a blind eye to companies who exploit women, that sell an unachievable lifestyle and get them further into debt not pull them out of it.

Here on Mum & Then Some though I am concerned with one thing only.  That is building mothers back up after having children.  For that reason I am supporting the Timeless Vie campaign and would urge anyone who is considering joining an MLM business or rather purchasing product from them to sell to think again.  Instead keep an eye on this and other similar sites to see how you can truly get work that works for you and your family.

You can see the full interview here:

So do you think my assessment is fair?  Or do you feel strongly that MLM has changed your life?  So far the counter arguments I’ve had from supporters of MLM have been more like attacks.  If you are happy to have a civil discussion then please leave a comment below, but if it’s not civil I wont approve it.