I suppose I should have vlogged this but I wanted to make sure I got my thoughts down as accurately as possible.  For some reason talking about women in work can provoke some strong reactions so let me be clear, here’s what I’d like the Making It Work series to achieve:

  • Provide real life examples of Mums juggling family life and work
  • Talk about struggles and lightbulb moments or ways you found help
  • Discuss courses or career changes or returnship options…helping to figure out what’s right for you
  • Let you know that you are not alone, I believe that with the right support we can all move closer to things that fulfill us professionally and personally.

It is NOT about:

  • Forcing all Mums to get back to work
  • Providing a stylised unachievable image of women who work
  • Man bashing

There you go, simple huh?  At the time of writing the first vlog has been recorded with Amy Burleigh of www.raspberryrhubarb.com and is ready for editing.  We’ve got more recording next week and the week after, with business consultants, PAs, life coaches and financial managers.  We’re also hoping to spend some time at Digital Mums HQ to talk about their fantastic social media course and how they place graduates in work.

We’re looking for more women all the time who would like to take part, if you or anyone you know would like to feature then drop us an email at mumandthensome@gmail.com