I’ve been thinking for a while about how to position this blog.  I think the truth is that I’ve known deep down that I wanted to have more of a focus on vlogging but have just been too scared to do it.

However, a call with a friend a couple of nights ago has changed everything literally overnight.

I posted on my personal Instagram that I get lots of call about the Digital Mums course that I did, asking for advice on whether they should do it too.  I’ll go into what I think of the course in another post but for now let’s just say I think it’s pretty unique.

What was different about this call was that my friend had been told my another friend in a digital agency that this kind of work would be very difficult to do from home, which I know first hand is categorically untrue.

I knew I was working flexibly and remotely, and so I asked other Digital Mum graduates whether they were doing the same.   Well two days, and over 90 likes and 50 comments later it was evidently true that people were working around their childcare commitments and were also enjoying their work.

What really got me about this was that I can imagine the feeling of thinking you’ve found a solution…to then have that dream crushed.  My friend was lucky that I could first hand tell her that what she’d been told, whilst I am sure was well meaning, was categorically BULLSHIT.   But what about people who didn’t know someone who had done the course or was doing the work?

So fired up by this I have committed (eeek!!!) to a series of vlogs interviewing people who are #makingitwork.   There’ll be a few Digital Mums in there, because I know so many of them are doing just that but I’m also keen to speak to people from a range of industries and sectors that have managed to find a way of taking their experience and moulding it into something new so that work / life compromise* can be achieved.

If you or anyone you know fits this bill and would be happy to be interviewed on camera please get in touch with me at mumandthensome@gmail.com or on Instagram @mum_andthensome

Let’s do this!!

*You can see what I mean by that in another post…