An interesting article here from Marketing magazine about the impact of brands on Mothers.  It’s really talking about how brands don’t help the comparison culture of motherhood.

I find myself doing it and have to have a little word with myself.  I find myself saying, “oh well for us this and that worked” and if I’ve had enough sleep and have the presence of mind than I follow up with “but you know what, that’s me and you need to whatever is right for you”.

My mantra, after a battle of wills between myself and a nursery nurse about how much milk my eldest was getting (but that’s another story), is that:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as they are prepared for me to ignore it.

Simple huh?

Which basically manifests as…polite nod, yes, yes, ah interesting ok…yeah I don’t think that works for us.  And that’s it.  No explanation, no reasoning, just thanks but no thanks.

I think for most mothers there is a defining point in their parenting journey of when they get the confidence to start doing things how they want to.  When they just know what’s right for their child and are happy to say thanks but no thanks to all the conflicting advice.

Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t ask, of course you should, if you want to.  My child’s got loads of ear wax, keeps throwing spoons at me, a third arm growing (delete as appropriate).  Collate that info on the web, at the school gates, whatsapp or on the phone but then you choose.  You decide.  And don’t let anyone else tell you any different.