So I don’t know about you but I feel like I am constantly hearing about there being a shortage of women in tech…but I don’t really see many people doing anything about it.

There are certainly times when I consider my A-level choices of Psychology, Theatre Studies and History and think…why oh why didn’t I do Maths, Economics and Physics and go on to do a Computer Science degree.  Pretty sure I’d have invented the latest Facebook by now right?

Well, finally there are some people out there trying to make Mums tech dreams a reality.

Esther from Mum Plus Business, an organisation which promotes Mums returning back to work has created an 8 week app development programme.  The course is aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs with app ideas who want to make their own app.
  • Entrepreneurs who have commissioned someone else to make their app and need to understand what they are doing.
  • People in tech adjacent roles (designers, project managers, product managers) who work with app developers.
  • Non-mobile developers who want to learn app programming.
  • People looking to up-skill to find flexible work.

That’s great I hear you say, but who is going to look after the kids?  Well they are!  While you study a team of highly trained childcare workers will watch your little ones so you can study in peace.  Such a great idea, right?

The course  is being held at Action for Children in Central London, for more information email or head over to