If Becca Johnasson was an animal she would be a swan…she’s graceful, calm and considered but underneath she is a powerhouse with an amazing career, gorgeous family and fiercely passionate about helping others.

Becca has some really interesting insights about how she returned back to her role after maternity leave.  We hear about mentors, what she thinks about bringing ‘your whole self’ to work and how PWC champion diversity and what that means for the workforce.

There’s so much in this interview that I love, but the one thing that really stands out and has been on my mind ever since, is a quote Becca shares from a networking event she attended:

We have two hands; one to reach for the stars, and the other to reach down and help another woman up with you.

A great sentiment, right?  In fact I think it pretty much sums up everything I hope to achieve with Mum & Then Some.  Check out the vlog for more words of wisdom from Becca and let us know your feedback by leaving a comment below.