Are you one of those Mums who finds themselves living in leggings once the bambinos arrive?  Well I am and I do not apologise for that.  I’ve always liked fashion but I’ve never been wedded to it.  I like to look nice but I’m not so bothered by other peoples opinions that I wont leave the house without out make up or generally looking like I got dressed in the dark if I haven’t had time to get ready…which is basically what’s happened for the last 5 years.  However, just recently I’ve been feeling a bit like it’s time to say bye bye to the leggings, well 7 days a week at least so I wanted to have a think about how to update my wardrobe.

Now the other issue I find, not sure if I am alone in this but I obviously don’t get that much time to go wandering round the shops trying on clothes.  Most of my shopping takes place online, but this is done in a very functional way.  I purchase things that do the job for then and there and don’t get time to really browse.  I also find that there are definitely things that I’ve kept that don’t quite fit right or I don’t love as much as I thought I would or just I can’t be faffed to send it back, basically things that if I’d been in the shop would have been put back on the rail.

So when I found Donna Tweedale through a networking group I am part of (Southwood Social, they are amazing, but more on that in another blog post), it felt like I may have just stumbled on a jackpot.  Donna’s service promised to review my wardrobe and help me figure out what type of things I liked and what worked well for me, the me I saw myself as and the realities of my day to day life.  So I booked in and looked forward to the day…and then got a little nervous about whether Donna’s stylish eye would demand I torch every outfit I owned!

I needn’t have worried though, I’d met Donna at one of the networking events a few weeks before and she was so lovely and easy going it put my mind at ease about the day itself.  Donna arrive after school drop off armed with some rails.  We quite quickly got to work appraising my wardrobe in sections.  It was actually really great to be able to discuss what was working and what wasn’t, things that have been teetering on the edge of being checked out for a long time finally got the heave ho.  It wasn’t all cut, cut, cut though.  There we were some items that Donna showed me how to breathe new life into and a fantastic suggestion to tailor a much loved Jaeger camel coat that I thought had lost a battle with moths.

Donna Tweedale Festival Cape Sequins

Donna giving a big thumbs up to my festival cape!

After my clothes were done, Donna also went through my bags and shoes, which I wasn’t expecting but of course it makes so much sense that she did.  Basically, I don’t have a huge amount of clothes but most of what I have works ok I just need some pieces to bring it all together.  I immediately had more confidence in what I was buying, I think I have a fairly good instinct as to what I like and what looks good on me but it was great to have a second opinion from Donna encouraging me.

I immediately felt like my wardrobe had been rejuvenated and went out that night wearing a combination that would never have occurred to me before.  It was fun to feel like I was wearing a whole new outfit without having to buy new clothes to do it.  I definitely feel like the cost of the wardrobe edit has paid for itself, the return of the Jaeger coat alone justifies it as it would have cost three times the cost of the edit to replace it.

The next stage is for Donna to send me a full report, analysing what I’ve got and which key pieces could bring everything together and I think a couple of staples that will see me in good stead.  I honestly think having this guided approach to my shopping will save me a fortune and it’s definitely given me far more confidence in what I am buying for myself.

Donna covers Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas (visited me in Mid Buckinghamshire) but see her website for full details.

Have you done something similar to update your wardrobe?  Or perhaps tried something different like a personal shopper in a dept store?  Let me know how your style has adapted after having kids in the comments below…