Month: July 2017

5 ideas for your new digital career

I believe strongly that technology offers Mums a great opportunity to retrain into new careers.  Digital marketing in particular offers a huge number of opportunities because it is very easy to work remotely and is highly accountable.  Here are some ideas of the kind of digital marketing jobs that people will pay you good money for: Social Media Manager – if you have experience in a client servicing role such as an ad agency, pr agency then Digital Mums specialise in retraining Mums into social media managers.  You need to be interested in social media, have an analytical mind and I...

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Are you ready for a wardrobe edit?

Are you one of those Mums who finds themselves living in leggings once the bambinos arrive?  Well I am and I do not apologise for that.  I’ve always liked fashion but I’ve never been wedded to it.  I like to look nice but I’m not so bothered by other peoples opinions that I wont leave the house without out make up or generally looking like I got dressed in the dark if I haven’t had time to get ready…which is basically what’s happened for the last 5 years.  However, just recently I’ve been feeling a bit like it’s time...

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Should you MLM?

This post is not going to be what I thought it would be.  I went to meet Danielle in two minds about Multi Level Marketing (MLM).  I thought it would be a case of there’s good and bad and here’s the advice for what to look out for. I’d had my own experience and knew it wasn’t right for me but maybe it worked for some people, I just had never met anyone who had.  There’s no doubt those people do exist, the ones making lots of money but they are right at the top of the pyramid…yes I...

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